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No, I don't Have Favorites... Right?

Several people have asked lately what my favorite art making tools are, and I responded that I just use what is at hand. I know that I LOVE art supplies and have been known to enjoy a fun art supply of the month club, or (*pre-covid) a binge shopping in the art store. But today, I realized that I DO have a favorite brush!! My studio does not have running water in the winter, so I bring my brushes into the house to clean. And that's when I noticed. All the same brand!! Princeton Catalyst. Long handle, short handle, mostly flats and filberts, but really any of them work for me!!!

Why do I grab these when I am working? I really love the weight and balance of the handles, both the short and long handles just seem to sit well in my hand. The brush bristles are made of a synthetic material that really work like natural bristles. And they hold up. The bristles handle acrylic paintings, scrubbing, and rough surfaces really well. They also clean better than other brushes I have used. Maybe I leave brushes in water for longer that I should, maybe I let the paint sit for too long, and maybe I have definitely used them with matte mediums - but they still look and work great! Except for that small filbert, I have had that one for the longest. And probably need to replace it.

And, now that I have figured that out I guess I need to go replace that one brush, and maybe look at a few more....Blick has a great assortment!!

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