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Spring 2024

This winter and early spring I have been exploring the amazing landscapes of Cape Cod, Ireland, and Vermont. How can I use color and shape to evoke the feeling of standing on a misty beach or the magical colors of a sunset? How do those colors change from moment to moment, and how can I capture that heart fluttering, deep breathe feeling? I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Delia_Fine Soft Day_2024_24x20_MM.jpeg
Detail from "Fine Soft Day"
Morning Sounds
Ice Cream Skies - Raspberry
Resting Start
On Morning's Edge
The Path Along the River
Pink Start of Day
Starting Soft
Serenity Bay
Fine Soft Day
Ice Cream Skies - Lavender
Ice Cream Skies - Mint
Deep Winter Distance
Deep Desert Winter
Delia_High Skies_2024_11x14_MM.jpeg
High Skies
Cold Heart No. 1
Cold Heart No. 2
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