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List Day

Mondays are my list making day. So much to do! Oh how I love to cross things off! I get a feeling of accomplishment and usually a little kick because I almost never get to everything. Is that because my lists are too ambitious? Or I am too lazy? I used to hear that voice in my head every time.

I have grown into a more graceful approach. I like lists, I like goals. I also like flexibility and spontaneity. Sometimes, I am just tired. And other times I race through the goals with time to spare. And it is all OK. I am trying to honor and care for me, as well as the family I have, and I do a good job most days. I read a fun mantra that I am leaning into these days.

"Today will be what it will be, and I will be who I am, and there will be beauty in both." And I like to add, "I just need to see it."

Wishing you see the beauty today.

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