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Spring Cleaning & Vermont Spring

The weather has been amazing in Vermont, sunny and warm for days!! So I took some time to deep clean and organize, finish up a series of paintings that I have been working on, and really get ready for the next series that I have in mind!! And....... since I live in Vermont, I am sure we will get at least one more snowstorm lol!!!! How does Spring go for you? Is it a soft and gentle warming? Do you bounce around between warm and cold? I would love to see your art space! Please post a photo or video. Happy Wednesday all!

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Jean Puhlman
Jean Puhlman

I love your video! I don't have a dedicated work space because I'm not an artist per se. I write. But organizing is being done here too. Spring fluctuates here in Western NC. We will probably have another freeze but hopefully not an ice storm because it would kill the tender vegetation. It can be 80 and at night drop into the 40s. One never knows.

Rosemary D'Elia

I always envision a cozy nook for a writer!

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